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Former Publicist , Bruno Oliveira, Brazilian born in Porto Alegre, is a creative person with history in live visuals and stage design. Stageviews was born after a time collaborating with EDM visual artist by nature VJLeo. With the foundation of the company Bruno pursued and realized projects in theather, musical concerts , television and corporate events.


With a mapped projection stage design, a first of it's kind in his local market, Stageviews got international recognition and attention. His projects were placed in the stage design bibble book published by ARTPOWER among the worlds biggest names and productions. 


The book opened the doors to design with one of the worlds most renowed production designers, Bruce Rodgers and his company Tribe Design Inc. Under Bruce's direction stageviews has developed conceptual staging design since 2014 to some of his biggest productions. 


With the ever growing experience, Bruno Oliveira is now one promissing name in the creativity for the stage and entertainment business.


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